6 Symptoms Of Oral Cancer

8 February 2016
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Getting your bi-annual dental exam will consist of more than just a cleaning and evaluation of your teeth. Your dentist will usually check for oral cancer, as well. Many people may be diagnosed with this type of cancer every year. It's important to get an early diagnosis from your dental provider to allow you to have the best potential for a full recovery. Knowing the symptoms of oral cancer may be helpful to you.

Symptom #1: Mouth ulcers

If you have an ulcer or a blister on your lip or mouth, you should have this checked by your dentist. This is especially true if this spot doesn't heal within a few days. Additionally, mouth ulcers can be painful and should be treated to help you avoid any discomfort.

Symptom #2: White patches

One of the earliest signs that you may have oral cancer is by having white or red patches in your mouth. These can be an indication that abnormal cells are starting to appear in your body.

It's additionally possible to have a white spot in your mouth that may have red speckles on it.

Symptom #3: Aching ear

Dealing with an earache can be a painful experience. The chances are you may simply have an ear infection, but this has been reported as a symptom of oral cancer for some individuals.

Symptom #4: Bleeding

If you experience any bleeding from your mouth, this should be evaluated by a dentist. This is often caused by gum disease. However, any type of bleeding isn't normal, and you should have the proper testing completed.

Symptom #5: Lumps and swelling

If you see, a lump on your tongue or neck that gets larger in size it should alert you that you may have a problem. Any abnormality such as this should be checked by a professional, and swelling is a sign of inflammation, as well.

Symptom #6: Problems swallowing

Being able to swallow with ease is important. This can affect your overall quality of life and is critical to your well-being. However, if you experience any issues with being able to swallow, you should talk to your dentist about it. There are a number of conditions that may be causing this, but is also a symptom of oral cancer.

The benefits of having a healthy mouth will allow you to engage in a higher quality of life. Be sure to have your oral cancer screening completed the next time you visit your dentist, like Dental Services Franklin Dental Centre.