2 Different Options For Affording Your Dental Care

1 July 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Paying for your dental care can be a costly endeavor, which is why you need to have a plan in place to pay for these expenses. Luckily, you have more than a few options for affording reliable dental services.

Private Insurance

Your first option is to find a private insurance plan that works with your needs. With these plans, you have a monthly premium you need to pay and the insurance company helps pay for some of your dental services.

Many affordable plans are available and they pay a good amount for services such as cleanings, X-rays and fluoride treatments. Depending on your needs, you will also want to look into how much your co-payments will be for repair work.

Some plans even cover a large percentage of the cost for dental services such as fillings and crowns. Each insurance company does have their own payment guides, so you will need to look through their guidelines to determine how much each plan covers.

When you start researching this option, you must pay close attention to how often you can go to the dentist. Most insurance companies have an annual cap for these services and each one can have a different amount. It is best to know any limitations a plan has, so you can look for alternative options before getting dental insurance.  

Discount Plan

If the monthly fee for private insurance is too much for you financial, you should look into discount plans. This option is closer to a paid coupon, which means you pay an annual fee and then receive discounts on certain dental procedures.

The biggest difference with a discount plan versus private insurance is the dental services each one covers. Some discount plans allow you to choose each service you would like to have a reduced price for, which are your basic dental services.

A few companies even offer discounted prices for elective procedures such as teeth whitening and dental implants. Many private insurance companies do not cover elective procedures, so you can use this option to help reduce the cost of these services.

An added benefit is that some dentists allow you to use both options at the same time. For example, the dentist will lower the price of a procedure with the discount plan and then allow your insurance to pay their portion, before you pay anything for the dental work. This method works well for procedures that have a percentage-based fee instead of a flat co-payment amount.

Affording your dental care can be easier if you have some method of helping you reduce the amount of money that comes out of your pocket. It will take some time to look through your options and choose the right one, but the overall savings is well worth  the effort.