Wear Dentures? Try These Natural Ingredients for Fresher Breath, Healthier Gums

8 June 2015
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If you wear dentures and feel uncomfortable about the way your breath smells, freshen it up with xylitol and peppermint oil. These natural ingredients protect your delicate gums from bacteria and other mouth germs. They also reduce denture stains and buildup by increasing the moisture in your mouth. Here's how natural breath fresheners made with xylitol and peppermint oil help denture wearers.

What's Xylitol and How Does It Benefit You?

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries and oats. It's used in diabetic foods as a safe, natural way to reduce blood sugar. Diabetes can weaken the blood vessels in your gums, which affects how well your dentures fit.

Xylitol also benefits your dental health by promoting a moist, healthy mouth. If you suffer from mouth sores and dry mouth because of your dentures, try xylitol to reduce your symptoms.

Your mouth requires moisture or saliva to keep bacteria and other germs to a minimum. Saliva contains enzymes that dissolve or fight off bacteria, which keeps your gums healthy enough to support your dentures. Poor gum health may increase your risk for gingivitis or periodontal disease. 

Xylitol usually comes in chewable candies and mints. However, you can find xylitol in mouth sprays and washes. These products are easy to use because they won't irritate your dentures. In addition, mouth sprays and washes coat the surfaces of your dentures, which gradually removes bacterial stains from them. As a result, your breath stays fresher and your dentures last longer.

Safety Tips for Xylitol

Although xylitol is safe for human use, it's not suitable for your pets. If swallowed by your dog or cat, xylitol may irritate its digestive tract. Keep all products that contain xylitol in a safe place and away from your pets.

How Does Peppermint Oil Freshen Up Your Breath?

Peppermint oil is made from the peppermint plant and is used to flavor a number of things, including mouthwashes. When used regularly in the morning, peppermint oil may cut down on harmful mouth bacteria that causes dry mouth.

Safety Tips for Peppermint Oil Use

Although peppermint oil does offer benefits for denture wearers, you should never ingest or use it in its purest forms, such extracts, pills, and capsules. These forms of peppermint oil can irritate your digestive system over time.

For safety reasons, ask your denture service provider about peppermint oil mouthwashes. These products are diluted with water and other helpful ingredients that won't irritate your mouth or digestive system.

If you have questions about how to reduce your bad breath, denture stains and sore gums, contact your denture service provider for assistance.