Ways That Dentures Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

4 March 2015
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If you've been experiencing some problems with your teeth, proper dental care is essential to a full recovery. If the prognosis isn't good, your dentist may refer you to a specialized doctor who can remove or replace some or all of your teeth. A denturist is someone who specializes in oral prosthetics. The good news is that after you are fitted with dentures, your oral health will improve and you'll be able to regain control of your lifestyle. Here are some ways that dentures can improve your outlook on daily living.

Diet Restoration

Having to eat soft foods or liquids because of loose or missing teeth can prevent you from enjoying the recipes you love. One of the biggest improvements you will see with your oral health after dentures is being able to eat your favorite foods once again. A denture prosthesis can help restore your eating habits by allowing you to chew your food effectively and safely. A qualified denturist will carefully measure and take a mold of your mouth and gum line. This will allow for a secure fit of the dentures and prevent them from slipping or falling out. Dentures that fit properly will work just like real teeth—allowing you to chew and maneuver your mouth as needed.

Speech Improvement

Your teeth play an important role in how you enunciate and sound out words. It may be subtle or very significant, but when you talk, your speech may not sound as clear or precise as it once used to. Your tongue relies on your teeth to be able to move and guide it to help articulate sounds. When you have your dentures or partial fitted in your mouth, you will have to get used to talking again. It's a process that generally doesn't involve any type of speech therapy assistance.

Facial Features

When an orthodontist or dentist takes a picture of your mouth with an x-ray, your skeletal system is easily visible. When you have had bone, gum and tooth loss due to periodontal disease, your skeletal system in your head and jaw changes. A denturist (like those at Calgary denture clinic) will work to restore your missing teeth and help reinforce the gum line—making a strong and secure base for the teeth to be placed. Once in place, your face will fill out and most of your facial features will be shaped and restored.

Pain Management

Periodontal disease and tooth loss related to other oral health conditions can be extremely painful. Pain is a significant reason some people hold off visiting the dentist. Keep in mind that your dentist or oral surgeon has a goal in mind and that is to restore your mouth back to good health. While you may have to undergo extractions and minor surgery to have some teeth replaced, the goal is to eliminate pain for the long run.

There are several reasons why you should pay close attention to your oral health. If you have a smile you're not proud of, visiting a qualified dental professional is the first step in creating a plan to restore the health of your mouth.