Choosing A Mouthguard To Protect Your Child's Teeth And Brain

20 January 2015
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As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your son on the football field or your daughter on the soccer field, but did you know you can increase their safety by supplying them with a custom mouthguard?

Why should your child wear a mouthguard?

Mouthguards help to protect your child from dental injuries, soft tissue injuries and can reduce the chances of suffering a concussion. The mouthguard will help absorb the impact of the blow to the head, decreasing the chances of a severe concussion.

What type of mouthguard should your child wear?

Stock - You could go to your local sporting supply store and purchase a cheap stock mouthguard. Of course, this is better than nothing, but it does not provide the level of protection that the more expensive mouthguards do.

Boil and Bite – These mouthguards are also able to be purchased at your local sporting goods store, but they provide much better protection than the stock guards do. You boil a small amount of water and soak the guard in the hot water to soften the material. Your son or daughter then bites into the guard to create a custom impression in the guard. The downside to this type of guard is that they can lose their form, your child can bite through it when forming it, and it can become less effective as it is worn.

Custom-Made – Mouthguards that are custom made by your dentist are the top of the line protection for your child. Your child will have an impression made by the dentist that will then be used to make a mouthguard specifically for his or her mouth. Custom mouthguards are by far the best option because they offer a precise fit, use a material that will not break down, allow for optimum breathing and speaking ability, and will not slip around in your child's mouth during play.

How do you choose the mouthguard for your child?

The more contact your child experiences during play, the better the mouthguard should be. Do not count your gymnast, cheerleader, or runner out for needing a good high-quality mouthguard. The investment in a good mouthguard can help to protect your child from having to undergo extensive dental procedures or even experience the long-term effects of a concussion.

Still unsure of what type of dental protection you need for your child? Talk with your child's dentist about your options and what would be the best line of protection for your child during their athletic activities. Contact a clinic like Rice & Rollingson Dentistry for more information.